Thursday, November 22, 2012

Almost human






These stunning pictures were created by UK-based photographer Tim Flach, who has made a name taking intimate photos of animals

Mr Flach is known for his highly-stylized animal portraits. His work aims to capture the emotion animals evoke in humans

Almost humanlike: Turned away from the camera, this gorilla was captured for a spectacularly intimate shot

London-based photographer Tim Flach's latest project, titled More Than Human, consists of intimate studio portraits of various wild animals, from various monkeys and apes to specially-bred featherless chickens

Mr Flach has received worldwide attention for his photographs of dogs and horses in projects titled Dogs Gods and Equus. Now he has turned his attention to more exotic creatures

Near naked: A chicken pictured mid-stride with one eye on the camera

Spreading its wings: Up close and personal with a peacock

This portrait of an elephant shows it spouting water from its trunk

Tim Flach brings his subjects into such close focus that we begin to read their poses and gestures as we would the body language of a human figure, face or hand

Sad eyes: This orangutan is pictured gazing out of shot, thoughtfully

A capuchin monkey picks at his finger, and looks surprised (left) while a rare white tiger (right) is intrigued

A look of concern? A gorilla's orange eyes are seen gazing out in this intimate portrait

Very personal: Two apes enjoy an intimate moment together

A bat looks almost shy as it covers its face from the camera



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