Friday, December 28, 2012

Creative gizmos post!!


A new collection of unusual things that are useful in everyday life and will look original.





Infinite USB







Convenient swing infuser



Room to Read



Rocking chair, a bed for babies




Convenient cookies



The calculator in the form of credit cards. Very handy thing!






For fans to hang things on the back of a chair.



Scans an image or text, and outputs the image on your toast.



Plush sofa.



Light house at chemists.



Old taste in a new form.)



The bed in the room.



The surface is covered with a special compound circles, and changing the background image to the temperature. It is worth it to pour hot coffee or tea, and mugs design change. Great gift for anyone!



Unusual card birthday baby



Knife watermelon.



Chocolate with the number of calories on the tiles.



Slingshot to play «Angry Birds».



Ink Calendar Oscar Diazasa. With the passing of days the ink in it slowly spread through the vessels in the form of numbers.



Pillow "logs"



Hiding in the bathroom.



Camping Car.



Social curtain. Without your favorite social network anywhere!



Cup, which can put a cookie.



Original container for nuts or seeds.



For those who are tired of answering the question: What happened? "



For fans of retro.



Cookbook, which is necessary before reading bake This book was created by Croatian book publishers. In order to prepare a dish recipe from her, first bake book, only in this case, it shows the text pages.



Folding chairs.



Lip gloss.




Convertible table. Perfect solution for small apartments.











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