Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Picture perfect :)


'Butterfly girl': This picture, taken in America, shows a girl in a cream frock surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of butterflies

'Madonna from Nepal' by Artem Zhushman, left. A young Nepalese woman carries a baby on her back tied onto her using a scarf and pictured right, 'Triple Red' by Max van Son taken in Brazil which shows bridges at different heights with red shutters

A heron in the Maldives, a photo that is in with the chance of winning an award in the global photography competition

Monks in Malaysia gather around an iPod. But their surroundings appear seemingly frugal

'Got to get it' by James Chong, taken in China. The stunning photograph captures tigers running through the snow

Two children dressed in colourful clothing become part of a wall painting where real life merges with art

Top spot? An open entry titled 'Ape Family' by Jozef de Fraine. It has been shortlisted in this years awards

An intense annual boat race captured in Petchaburi, Thailand, testing the strength and endurance of its participants

'Stronger' by Carlos Berm taken in Uruguay. The image captures an insect in the rain which is taken so close up you can see the rain droplets on it

A bus stop in the UK which shows people from all walks of life and different generations waiting for transportation

'Street food' in New York City. The image shows a man in a red polo shirt selling nearby a Subway

'Friends' by Satyajit Saha, taken in India. A goat is being fed by young children through makeshift windows

100 Smiles: Taken in Bangladesh, children play and laugh together in the streets

A woman washing in the Phillipines next to a home made next to the sea and surrounded by rubble

A 'Miner' by Roman Shalenkin taken in Russia. The miner, pictured in the foreground is wearing a protective helmet and is looking pensive

Swimmers captured in Singapore. A boat is pictured in the waves and the couple are wearing swimming caps

'La funeraria' by Fernando Torres, taken in the Guanajuato, Mexico, left. A man is pictured asleep while the other Mexican rests on a steel table. Pictured right is 'Carlotta and the reflection' by Massimo Genovesi taken in Italy, showing a dog looking at its reflection

'Shepherd' by Behrad Mostafaee, taken in Iran. A man is pictured with an animal around his neck

'Too late?' by Walter Schonenbrocher taken in Berlin. Workers are pictured climbing a seemingly everlasting staircase

A woman enjoys a cigarette in Siegburg, Germany. The photo is entitled 'Mom'

Striking: 'Waterfall Sofrudzhu' by Sergei Scherbakov taken in Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia

This picture was taken by Tomasz Borkowski in Birmingham, and is entitled 'Selfridges, Birmingham'

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