Thursday, January 31, 2013

Engineers Vs Doctors

Engineers Vs Doctors :

SCENE 1 --------------- ­ --------------- ­ --------

5 engineer buy only 1 ticket, and 5 Doctor

buy 5 tickets.

Doctor's are desperately waiting for TC to


When TC arrives, all 5 engineer get into one

toilet, so when TC knocks, one hand comes

out with the ticket and the TC goes away.

SCENE 2 :-------------- ­ --------------- ­ -------

Doctor decided, "This time, we will prove that

we are smarter".

5 Doctor buy 1 ticket, engineer don't buy any

ticket at all!

TC arrives....

All Doctor IN ONE TOILET. ALL engineerS IN THE


One engineer gets out and knocks thedoor

of Doctor toilet. One hand comes out with the

tickets, he takes the ticket and enters

engineers toilet.

TC drives out all the Doctor from the toilet,

and they are heavily fined.

SCENE 3-------------- ­ --------------- ­ --

Now, both the groups are at LONAVALA

Railway Station. Doctors' are planning their

move for a last chance, ... they board the local

train to Pune.

This time, Doctor decide that they will play

the same (1 ticket) trick.

ALL Doctor take 1 ticket ... engineer buy 5


TC Comes. All engineer show their tickets,

AND ..........

Doctor are still searching for toilet in the Local

train!!!!! :P


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