Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Must read if u love some one

Must read if u love some one :))

Girl saw her bf with another girl

holding hands.!!

Girl messages him!


Girl : Where are you?


Boy : I'm at my home!


Girl : Ohh... Ok well I see your twin

same like you with someone else..!


and he is

behind me...!


[ Boy looked at her and feel

ashamed...!! ]


Boy messages her.!


Boy : Its me...

I'm so sorry I swear I would

neverdo that again..!


Your trust make me proud to me

Ideserve it and have to be yours



Girl : That's Ok...

but, I'm stupid to love you again..

but, not an idiot enough to trust

you again.!


Boy : Well I will win it again.....!

Boy left the other girl....!!


Moral : Relationship is all

dependent on the trust if someone

trusts you blindly never ever prove

them a blind.!!


Don't Cheat.....

You'll know the pain of this all if

someday you got cheated...!


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