Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My First Love-A Farewell Note

I have a strong heart. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love him or his family any less. And yet he is leaving me.

I still remember the words he uttered when he first proposed “You are going to be my love and no one can take
you away from me”. That was 8 years ago. What happened to his promise now?

8 years ago

I was with my friends at Xavier’s street when I saw this Guy crossing the road with a calm look on his face. The moment he saw me, he stopped, gave me a stare and then there was all smiles on his face. He had a charming look which gave an added attraction to his face. I kind of liked him at first sight. And he started walking towards me. I was a bit surprised. I didn’t know how to react with people around me. “Is this called love at first sight?”

He stood right beside me, cleared up his throat and said “You look very beautiful. I know if I am going to miss this opportunity of talking to you, I will miss you forever. I would like you to be mine”

This is the first time he is seeing me and frankly I admired his guts. However, I didn’t reply back.

A week later he met me at the same place and offered me to drive to his place. I couldn’t object this time. I felt he was the right person for me. I didn’t think what the future lies, but knew I was in safe hands.

He drove me to his home and once in, he gave a formal proposal “You are going to be my love and no one can take you away from me”. The way things progressed looked weird but I kind of loved it, being an adventurous type myself.

He rang his parents the same day and told “Remember the other day I was telling you. She has joined me today”. I could understand that his parents were all the more happy and very much eager in meeting me.

Exactly three days later their parents came and I could see the ecstasy in their faces. We had a gala of a time having long drives, fun and what not. Time passed by with lots of fun.

Back to Present

My health started deteriorating. His interest towards me started reducing. I came to know that he started showing his interest on someone else. How could anyone do this? The way he approached, the way he proposed, the love he and his family have showered I thought I could live with him forever. And now I feel deserted just because my health has started deteriorating.

He started ignoring me altogether for the last 3-4 week.

It’s been exactly 8 years since we met. And now he has found his new love. He came to me with tears in his eyes.
He wrote these fine words in a piece of paper called the farewell note “You will always remain my first love” .

I knew time has come for me to bid goodbye to him. Yes I am the SANTRO, his first car, where he first met me in the showroom at Xavier’s street, paid advance to the showroom manager the first day he met and exactly one week later paid the rest of the amount and drove me to his house.


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