Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WOW Facts of Life.....

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The statements recorded below are outcomes of science and psychological studies…helps better to understand the reasons behind acts and it effects, the list may be somewhat lengthy, but hope it will make you curious as you move over…..check it out


·        A hug that lasts for 20 seconds releases oxytocin, which can make someone trust you more.


·        Depressed people actually dream up to three times as much as non-depressed people.


·        Men and women who listen to music more often tend to be better communicators.


·        The feeling of loneliness is processed in the same part of the brain as physical pain.


·        Blue color has a calming effect, releases calming hormones in the brain.


·        Cursing when you're hurt helps to reduce the pain.


·        Listening to 'sarcastic' people daily will make you more creative.


·        The higher your I.Q. the more you dream.


·        Hearing someone call out your name when nobody has actually called out your name, is a sign of a healthy mind.


·        Emotional pain lasts for 12 minutes, anything longer than that is considered to be self-inflicted.


·        Over 80% of the time, it's not the actual person you miss, but the moments you created with that individual.


·        Faking a smile can actually increase and boost your mood.


·        A psychological study found that men often find funny women intimidating.


·        Ants go to war similar to humans. They use even more advanced strategies such as sending the weaker ants out to fight first.


·        The average woman will pack about 26 items in her suitcase that she'll never need.


·        When a person dies, their sense of hearing is the last to go.


·        You are more creative late at night and less creative in the afternoon.


·        Kissing can speed up your metabolism. Couples that engage in 3 to 5 kisses per day are less likely to be overweight.


·        Studies found that children who are better liars, tend to become more successful adults.


·        Listening to music is actually one of the few activities that uses the entirety of the human brain.


·        Insecure people are more likely to hate people that they barely even know.


·        Over-thinking about something slows down your brain.


·        Speaking more than one language makes your brain more agile and also increases your IQ.


·        Gossip actually triggers the part of a woman's brain that is associated with pleasure and happiness.


·        Women prefer men with a good sense of humor because it's associated with intelligence and honesty.


·        Pain can completely change the way a person looks at and deals with their everyday life.


·        Fear momentarily improves your vision and decision-making ability.


·        Talking to yourself has been proven to actually make you smarter.


·        The brain is a powerful thing. Worrying about getting sick can actually make you sick.


·        Singing helps the human mind to avoid depression as well as anxiety.


·        If you talk to someone while walking together, your footsteps will eventually synchronize with each other.


·        70% of people lay in bed at night remembering past conversations, imagining what they should have said instead.


·        Kids who took music lessons have higher IQs.


·        Chocolate lowers cholesterol, relieves stress, strengthens the immune system, and reduces anxiety.


·        Smiling is contagious. Do it more often.


·        Girls who have more 'guy friends' than 'girl friends' go through less depression and anxiety.


·        Napping after learning something new actually help store it permanently in your mind.


·        Over 70% of people will see things in their dreams, and then at some point later see the same thing in real life.


·        psychological studies suggest, when you can't stop thinking about someone, it's likely because they're thinking about you as well.






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