Saturday, March 14, 2015

Got Whatsapp call feature..! Call quality is pretty good. If any one needs,

1.u have to update Whatsapp

2. U should get call from someone who has call feature.

Let me know so that I can call u. U should attend and talk to get activated..!

Dev stocks

Guys, people who have interests in investments can get my help at
Am into share market for the past two years and standing at a safer stage of earning.

Past performance from my what's app private group :

[05/03 12:55 pm] Saravana Deva: apart from other calls, todays
sure shot calls- 
premarket order- Sell frl lesser than 106  Achieves 103.5
Normal market
buy ttk 3598 achieves 3647

sell hero 2295not initiated yet

buy aban 496 achieves 518

buy mcdowel 4082 not initiated
[14/03 12:41 am] Saravana Deva: [14/03 12:37 am] Saravana Deva: My actual calls
buy dishman at 174-175 s/l 168 tgt 180 185  Call  book 50% profit in dishman  179.50-180 on first tgt  Call
[14/03 12:37 am] Saravana Deva: Sell bankind 218.4 achieved 218
[14/03 12:37 am] Saravana Deva: Buy century at 594 achieved 600
[14/03 12:38 am] Saravana Deva: Sell cipla 712 achieved 701